How do I not get affected by people who judge me in public? I don’t want to fix myself to fit in.

The simple answer is, be more like Marmite.

For those of you who don’t know Marmite, it’s a British food product with a distinctive flavour that has a love/hate relationship with the British public. It’s based on a yeast extract made from the by-products of brewing beer and people either love it or hate it. So much so, Marmite has even harnessed this controversy in its branding campaign.

Mention Marmite to anyone and they’ll either light up or pull a face indicating their preference for the brown sticky stuff.

But here’s what you don’t see…

You don’t see Marmite getting offended and crying itself to sleep at night because of all the haters.

Nor do you see Marmite developing an inflated sense of self because it’s aligned with the lovers.

Marmite is just being Marmite.

People love it and people hate it. But one thing is true, what people think of Marmite has nothing to do with Marmite itself and everything to do with the person encountering it.

So forget about people’s opinions of you. Be more like Marmite.

Just do you.