Which meditation technique is safest for people with deep-rooted childhood trauma?

I don’t know enough about different meditation techniques to comment, however, what I do know about, is deep-rooted childhood trauma. Here’s what I can tell you…

Trauma is never an issue if it has been resolved and integrated, regardless of how disturbing or deep-rooted it is.

If trauma remains unresolved and unintegrated, however, no transpersonal work will be considered “safe”. In other words, there will always be a risk of suppressed trauma becoming activated and rising to the surface demanding resolution.

Ask yourself if you are ready to confront your past and heal. If the answer is no, avoid any transpersonal work until you’ve resolved your personal psychology.

Human beings have a remarkable capacity for recovery if the optimum conditions for healing are there. If the conditions are not optimal, however, a re-traumatisation can occur, thereby compounding the original trauma and potentially creating more complex adaptations that require more untangling than would otherwise be demanded.

If you are embarking on spiritual work but are concerned that you may have some unresolved trauma lurking beneath the surface, contemplate whether the optimal conditions exist within your life for a successful healing to occur.

Do you feel ready to confront your past?

Have you got a psychotherapist/counsellor who can offer guidance and be the witnessing presence to your healing?

Do you have a support network?

How skilled are you at processing and metabolising emotions?

If you’re at a facilitated event, enquire as to whether the facilitators are trauma-informed and if they’re capable of supporting someone who may experience a spontaneous cathartic reaction in response to rising trauma.

The work of expanding your conscious awareness beyond its known limits requires a deep dive into your unconscious mind. This descent from the head to the heart, from the known to the unknown, always carries risks and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Poking around in your unconscious mind is always going to stir the sleeping monsters. The real question is, are you ready to do battle with your inner demons?