The Pathway

Unveiling the mystery within requires subtraction, not addition. It involves the action of undoing. In this sense, the pathway is always a pathless path. There is nothing to do, only un-do.

The following is offered by way of a helpful guide and an indication of what to expect when working with Jen. It emphasizes self-enquiry and the precise art of non-doing, and it encourages the cultivation of essential qualities & skills designed to strengthen, refine, and transform the bodymind. It is not intended to describe a linear process with a defined beginning and end point, rather it seeks to offer a way of life that when embodied, perpetually returns one to the centre.

The Way of Undoing

Making the unconscious conscious

Integrating the unintegrated
Shadow work

Resting in Emptiness

Resting in Fullness 

Essential Qualities

Humility · Willingness · Sincerity · Integrity


Deep Listening 

Deep listening means to go beyond the thinking mind and listen with your body. To truly know something, your whole being must be open, awake and present.


Cultivating equanimity creates a state of non-resistance in your body, facilitating flow.


Surrender is an active movement that yields new life. It means to ‘die’ well.


Detachment from desire cultivates indifference and resigns fear. It means you don’t mind what happens.


Seeing things as they are and not the way you would like them to be is the fertile ground in which wisdom flourishes. 

Transcendental Generosity

Applying generosity of interpretation and communicating without irritation or friction is the basis for authentic relating.


Without an open and receptive heart, nothing of eternal value can reveal itself.

Precise Action

Precise action is sacred action. It is like an arrow that never fails to hit its target. It is impeccable.

“Healing is not something we do. It is a way of life”

Jennifer Hiranya Rose