Does free will exist?

Yes, but only in Time.

There is a difference between functional free will and essential free will.

In the realm of Time (past & future), you have functional free will.

Outside of Time, there is essential free will.

In Time, there is two. Where there is two, there is choice and the will to choose between.

Outside of Time, there is only one. Where there is only one, there is no choice but to return to the one. In other words, your will is the will of the One.

In Time, you have the freedom to create whatever you personally desire, but only within the constraints of Time. In other words, whatever you create will someday end.

Outside of Time, the will of the One is continuity of life. It is to give birth to itself through creation and to transform Time into a vehicle for Eternity. In other words, the will of the One is to create a consciousness that is capable of communing with itself.

As an aside, it’s worth noting that “free will” and “freedom” are not synonymous. Having free will does not mean that you are free. Only when you liberate yourself of the bondage of Time and realise your unity with the One, are you truly free.