Does spiritual awakening happen to everyone?

Speaking from personal experience, this is exactly what I used to think… “Why me?”

“Why have I been chosen to spiritually awaken and those around me have not? What makes me so special?”

And then I came to realise, “awakening” is nothing more than growing up. It is spiritual adolescence. It is the calling towards true adulthood.

It represents the move from a self-centred life to a “God” or heart-centred life.

In other words, it is a normal part of the evolutionary journey of every human being to move from that which is in one’s personal interest to that which is in the interest of the whole.

It is available to all of us, but not everyone is conscious of these transitionary shifts or the initiatory opportunities they bring.

Our lack of consciousness is due to our lack of connection to spirit.

When we restore our connection to our spiritual (heartful) selves, these rites of passage will be honoured, understood, and more widely talked about/recognised, just as they are in indigenous communities where connection to spirit remains strong.