From a non-dual perspective, is the world considered real or unreal?

A non-dual perspective is one that is viewed from outside the time-bound plane of existence.

A time-bound plane of existence (duality) is characterised by “two”.

In Time, there is birth & death, past & future, good & bad, right & wrong, freedom & bondage. There is this and there is its opposite, as well as all the varying shades of grey in between.

Time is the vehicle for creation.

Life, as we know it, occurs within the container of Time.

Outside of Time, creation ceases to exist. Like an ice cube that dissolves back into the ocean, Time/duality can’t maintain its shape when immersed in the eternal and shapeless One.

Beyond Time, there is only “One”.

Where there is only One, there is no conflict in the sense that there are no longer any opposing (dual) forces generating friction through their meeting of one another.

In this way, the One is eternally peaceful.

A non-dual perspective, therefore, recognises the world as we know it to be real, but only within the constraints of time and only to those who remain in bondage to Time.

Those who have liberated themselves from Time, consider reality to be “dream-like”. This is not to imply that it is false or an illusion, rather it is to say that just like a dream, it is not as real as we think.

Another way of saying this is, our time-bound existence is malleable, pliable, and impressionable to thought & feeling.

Outside of Time, we exist.

Inside of Time, we create.