How can one walk a spiritual path and desire money at the same time?

Spirituality does not exclude money. On the contrary, money is beneficial to the functioning of our lives.

What spirituality does do, however, is expose “desire” for what it truly is.

Desire keeps us in bondage and enslaves us to the time-bound plane of existence.

Desire is one of the ways that Time (past and future) achieves continuity in the Present.

Desire is a seductive tactic employed by Future to secure airtime in the Now.

Look closely and you will observe Future’s strategic play.

Mischievously weaving a narrative of lack, Future hangs out in the shadows seductively whispering “you’re not good enough”, “you need more”, and “life will be better when…”.

After undermining Presence and invoking dissatisfaction, Future then implants a hollow vision that promises fulfilment and extols a solution that it can never deliver on.

Sometimes, Future even enlists the help of Past to aid with its strategy. Past, of course, is only too happy to assist as its goal of continuity is the same.

When Past steps in to help, the narrative often sounds something like… “things used to be so good, if only I can get back to that…”.

Between Pasts lamenting and Futures yearning, Presence rarely gets a look in.

Disharmony and dis-ease set in.

The desire for money is rarely ever about money itself, but about restoring harmony and reconnecting to the eternal happiness and peace offered by the present moment. It is about freedom from Time.

When this is understood, desire dissolves and Time’s undue influence is restored to its rightful place. In this state of consciousness, abundance naturally flourishes.