How do I escape the self-awareness paradox?

Simply put, by killing the “witness” and burning the bridge.

The self-awareness paradox arises when the witness or observer has outstayed their welcome.

Self-enquiry is a useful bridge that gets you from A to B.

In this case…

A = Bondage

B = Freedom

Once you’ve got to the other side, however, there’s no need to keep crossing back over the bridge.

The witness has served its purpose. No matter how much it tries to convince you otherwise.

You have arrived.

You are home.

You are free.

You no longer need the bridge, so burn it down.

If you don’t burn the bridge you will always be open to attack.

Burning the bridge destroys any chance of you returning to the way things were.

When you’re ready to burn the bridge, then you know you have found something of eternal value.