How do you recognise a spiritual healer?

A spiritual healer is a thief and an arsonist.

They will offer you nothing and will take everything from you.

If you suspect there is a spiritual healer in your midst, approach with caution.

If you let them into your consciousness, they will steal your identity, trash your past and incinerate your future.

They will strike the match that burns your house to the ground until only ashes remain.

There will be no place to hide.

Nothing to cling to.

And you will be eternally grateful for it.

For it is here, in the ashes of your former self you will find that which is indestructible.

When the fire of transformation has finished raging, burning away veils of illusion and all that is no longer needed, you will remember your true self.

You will discover that which has been lying dormant within you since the beginning of your incarnation, waiting for the moment the match strikes.

Anything other than this is not a spiritual healer.