Is spirituality the answer to an unstable mind?

Most spiritual traditions offer a precise system of knowledge that when followed returns one to the heart of all creation.

Remembering the truth of who we are, beyond who we think we are, is the ultimate healing balm. It offers a total system reset.

If your psychic structure is weak, however, and you are unable to find balance in your everyday waking reality, opening to transpersonal planes of existence can be catastrophic without adequate psychological support.

What goes up must come down and if your ego is built on shaky ground, it won’t be able to support the landing and integration of your full potential.

The self must first be developed before the self can be overcome.

What does this mean?

It means that a robust sense of self is necessary to avoid engulfment by the vast and boundless nature of the unconscious mind.

Traversing inner depths without being able to sustain the pressure of what might be revealed, can cause an implosion of the psyche that can take years to piece back together.

This is especially true if one’s psychic structure lacks firm foundations due to underlying/unresolved trauma, suppressed emotion, and/or incomplete developmental processes.

This is why all (reputable) spiritual teachers/guides advocate resolving your personal psychology before embarking on a spiritual quest, or in tandem with it.

An unstable mind is like a house with weak foundations. If the structure is not quickly stabilised, misalignment occurs, cracks develop, mold & mildew set in, insects & rodents take up residence in the substructure, and the house eventually collapses.

The upshot is that while spirituality is a stunning path that has the capacity to transform you from the inside out, it can only do so if your ego is strong enough to withstand the alchemical heat of divine reconstruction.