What is spiritual healing and how does it work?

Spiritual healing is the process of liberating oneself from a time-bound state of consciousness through the transformation of ego-centric consciousness into “God” or whole-centric consciousness.

How does it work?

It works very hard to wake you up!

In the liminal place between awakening and liberation, purification of self occurs via a process of undoing.

Simply put, you stop thinking.

Without thought, One is free.

This transformative and evolutionary process activates spontaneously when the ego (“personality self”) has been sufficiently developed and can tolerate the alchemical heat a spiritual awakening generates; the self must first be developed before the self can be overcome.

When all separation/conflict has been reconciled and the fragmented self is restored to wholeness, the necessary energy to free oneself from Time’s bondage (past & future) is there.

Beyond time, there is eternity.

In eternity, there is only peace, love, freedom, truth, abundance, and infinite creativity.

Anything other than this is not spiritual healing but is ego using spiritual reality for palliative gain.

Stop thinking. Be free.