Why do I wake up anxious?

QUESTION: Why do I wake up anxious most mornings? I go to bed feeling calm, centred and balanced. What is happening in my dream state that causes this reaction, and how do I stop it?

Assuming that you slept soundly and there are no medical issues that first need addressing, such as a hormonal imbalance, your body’s response implies that it’s dealing with underlying stress that you might not be consciously aware of.

The presence of anxiety reveals something is out of balance in one or more areas of your life.

Your mental response is to look to your dreaming state for answers, however, whilst dream content can provide a valuable source of information when explored, it’s unlikely to be the origin of your anxiety.

The primary emotion behind anxiety is fear. Fear is an egoic response whose tentacles stretch into the past and future.

Anxiety represents fear of the future. We fear that which we most desire won’t come to fruition and this causes distress in the present moment. Contemplate whether you are fully owning your desires or projecting them elsewhere.

Anxious fear also has a foot in the past. Is there unprocessed disappointment stemming from previously unfulfilled desires causing unrealistic expectations and fear of its repeat in the future?

When there is no apparent cause that can be identified, becoming aware of how anxiety manifests through you is a far more potent area of exploration than why.

To restore harmony to your system, unprocessed past disappointments need resolution and unrealistic expectations of the future need to be brought back into balance.

Invoke ‘hope’ as a support and explore how anxiety uses you as a channel. In this way, you will prevent it from further feasting on your life force energy.

When you have learned these spiritual lessons, you will unlock anxiety’s more powerful attributes. On its life-affirming side, anxiety is a helpful teacher in pointing us towards that which our heart most desires. When we fully own our desires, we are empowered to take action in manifesting them.