How can I be more curious of another when in a relationship and less judgemental?

Judgement of others is always a reflection of what’s happening in our own consciousness.

When we cast judgement what we are really doing is projecting our unclaimed ‘shadow’ onto another. The things we can’t accept about ourselves, good or bad, manifest in our biased evaluation of others.

When we extend judgement in this way we aren’t seeing reality as it is, we are seeing shadows.

Becoming more curious in relationship involves deep listening.

Deep listening means to go beyond your thinking mind and listen with your body. It means your whole being is open, awake and present, both to the other and your own internal reactions in response to the other.

Deep listening is the first step towards harnessing your ‘shadow’ and making it work for you instead of against you.

Universally speaking, relationships proceed much more smoothly when generosity of interpretation is applied.

Applying generosity of interpretation and communicating without friction or irritation is the basis for authentic and heartful relating.

The cultivation of humility also goes a long way.