How do I fill my need to connect with people?

Full question: How do I fill my need to connect with people? I have friends and I’m in a relationship, however, there is always a yearning for a deeper connection that I never seem able to fill. How do I deal?

I love this question because it speaks to the heart of all things.

What you are really asking is how can I connect with others on an authentic and meaningful level.

Most people are asking the same. They’ve just forgotten the question.

At a superficial level, it appears like we have it all figured out. But scratch the surface and you’ll find that most of humanity has forgotten how to live.

We have become so identified in matters of the mind and body we’ve forgotten the truth of who we are. We have travelled so far outside of ourselves, we no longer remember our way home.

Lost, lonely, emotionally sick, stretched to breaking point and at war with ourselves and one another, our spirits have become imprisoned in flesh and ego.

All of our problems boil down to one thing – we lack heart.

Only when we know who we are can we authentically connect with others on a deep and profound level.

To be in relationship means to be in contact with something direct. It means to let go of the thoughts & images we have constructed about ourselves & others and yield to that which is real & eternal.

Only in this naked state can true relationship begin and offer itself as a vehicle for healing, love and meaningful connection.

So, how do you deal?

Open your heart.

Embrace your vulnerability.



And the rest will take care of itself.