How can I stop overthinking and ruining my relationships?

Overthinking is not the problem here. It is your reaction to thoughts that is the problem.

“Thinking” in isolation is never an issue. It is only when we cling to thoughts that problems arise.

“Clinging” in this context refers to the habitual way we react to thoughts as if they were ours.

Thoughts are like passing clouds in an otherwise empty sky – they come and go. If you cling to them, however, your environment will become increasingly gloomy.

Thoughts don’t manifest unless we engage with them.

Engaging “thoughts” energises them and sets in motion a chain reaction that brings them to life.

Another way of saying this is, “thinking” has no power until it is married with embodied feeling.

Most people don’t realise that thoughts and feelings are what power their reality. They erroneously think that their internal state is a reflection of their external environment.

In reality, the opposite is true. Our external environment mirrors our internal state.

To effect permanent change in your life, you have to go in.

To conquer your addiction to overthinking, stop engaging with thoughts. If you simply allow them to pass you by, they are quickly forgotten and dissolve back into that from which they originally sprung.

If you are unable to detach from life-diminishing thoughts, this indicates the presence of unreconciled trauma, suppressed emotion, and/or an incomplete developmental process. In this instance, professional psychological help is recommended.