Why does ‘Awareness’ receive such an exalted status among non-duality teachers?

Awareness is the only thing that you cannot move beyond.

It is the pinnacle of spiritual development.

It is the end of the line in the sense that nothing sticks past Awareness.

It is the end (and birthplace) of all creation and the embodied realisation that Awareness is the only thing that in reality exists.

No matter how far beyond awareness you venture, all you will ever find is more awareness.

You can discover this for yourself in the time that it takes you to read to the end of this post.

Here are some simple steps…

Contemplate your present situation by bringing awareness to all that exists at this moment, seen and unseen.

When you are satisfied that you have a good grasp of your present ‘scene’, move beyond it and bring awareness to awareness itself.

You may find yourself assigning a ‘shape’ to awareness. This is perfectly normal. Continue fleshing it out and giving it an identity. When you’re done creating, move beyond it and bring your awareness to your ‘shape’ of awareness.

Keep doing this until all you are left with is a still, empty, unmoving, non-doing, all-accepting awareness.

Rest here a while and before you know it, all of creation will burst back into view.

Congratulations, you have just realised who you are.