How do I overcome the desire to be enlightened?

The desire to be enlightened is much like the desire I experienced as a little girl wishing away my childhood, longing for the arrival of adulthood.

My desire to be a “grown-up” was less about becoming an adult and more about having the freedom to do my own thing.

Had I understood this at the time I may have settled into myself and enjoyed my childhood a little more.

Adulthood was always going to come, there was never any question of that. But adulthood doesn’t bring freedom. That was my childish delusion.

Freedom is always available, right here, right now, regardless of one’s age or circumstance.

Freedom is an internal movement that lies in how we relate.

And so it is with enlightenment.

The desire is never for enlightenment, but for freedom.

When this is known, all external seeking stops and freedom arises.