Is sex a hindrance on a spiritual path?

There is an erroneous belief amongst spiritual circles that sexual abstinence is necessary for spiritual awakening.

This is not true.

Where spirituality is concerned, it’s not about what you do, but how you do it.

Like all things in life, sex can either be a medicine or a poison depending on how you engage with it.

It is one’s relationship with sex, and not the activity itself, that determines whether it will be a hindrance or a help in your quest for a more spiritual life.

Any activity that is performed selfishly and with ill intent will prove life-diminishing, rather than life-affirming.

People have sex for all sorts of reasons that don’t always involve love, including boosting self-esteem, discharging energy, avoiding painful emotions, gaining power over another, or for commercial gain.

Contemplate what is your intention when having sex.

Are you engaging consciously?

Are you aware of the power over/under that you possess in relation to another?

It is this aspect of awareness that will propel your spiritual journey far quicker than abstinence.