I used to believe Christ was all & everything. Was I wrong?

“Christ” represents a level of consciousness that when embodied, naturally opens the door to self-realisation or God-consciousness.

Religions and their teachings are like wombs designed to facilitate a rebirth of the Self through the transformation of consciousness – from self-centric consciousness to “God” or heart-centric consciousness.

Religions fall down when they (inadvertently) trap people at the level of Christ-consciousness and don’t birth them into God-consciousness.

If one stays at the level of Christ, spiritual growth stalls as there remains conflict in the system.

“Conflict” in this context refers to the presence of more than One. Where there is two or more, there is always conflict/friction, no matter how subtle.

Only by following the true teachings of Christ and moving beyond him, does one liberate themselves from the God of religion and discovers the God of freedom.

For clarity, Christ-consciousness, or healing consciousness as it is often known, is love. God-consciousness is freedom.

Christ-consciousness occurs within the vehicle of Time (past & future) and is the embodied recognition that you are love without exception.

God-consciousness is liberation from a time-bound state of consciousness and the embodied recognition that you and God are One.

God-consciousness is beyond time.

Christ-consciousness is the doorway out of time.

Love liberates.