Non-duality teaches us to be content with whatever is arising. But how can conflicting emotions – such as contentment and anger – be felt simultaneously?

Peace is not an emotion.

Peace is fundamental and eternal.

E-motions (energy in motion) are changeable and time-bound.

Emotions come and go.

Peace reigns supreme.

Time (duality) occurs against the backdrop of eternity (non-duality).

Another way of saying this is, peace is the field on which emotions play out. In this way, duality and non-duality are inseparably bound.

The time-bound self (ego) cannot conceive of peace. It knows only fluctuations in time and space.

When individual consciousness expands beyond itself, it discovers eternity.

Liberation occurs when time & eternity make love and collapse into one another.

In this state of consciousness, one is in Time but not of Time simultaneously.