Is past trauma an impediment to spiritual awakening?

Past trauma is never an issue assuming it has been reconciled and integrated.

If, however, there is historical trauma within the bodymind system that hasn’t yet been processed through conscious awareness and appropriate expression, awakening to transpersonal planes of existence can be problematic. In this instance, it would be advisable to proceed slowly alongside a knowledgeable and trauma-informed guide or therapist.

Spiritual practices that are designed to open & awaken upper chakras (transpersonal realms) can amplify unprocessed trauma pushing it to the surface and demanding its resolution.

If one’s psychic container (ego) is not yet robust enough to tolerate the emergence of past trauma, it is advisable to steer clear of all spiritual practices until one’s personal psychology is in order.

If upper chakras continue to be developed at the expense of lower chakra integration, serious psychological conditions/adaptations can develop, ranging from mild (spiritual ego) to severe (psychosis or schizophrenia), and resulting in far more untangling than would otherwise be demanded.

When the transpersonal encounters a traumatised bodymind system that is not yet ready to face itself, the previously dormant but now active energy centres can generate a tsunami-like wave that causes significant inner disturbance. This can obliterate your psyche and destroy your nervous system, taking years to rebuild and restore to harmony.

A spiritual awakening is a normal part of the evolutionary journey of every human being, however, it’s not to be approached lightly, especially where underlying trauma is present.