Why is it hard for people to understand God?

There is a difference between understanding something and knowing it.

Understanding is a skill of the mind.

Knowing is a skill of the body.

“God” cannot be understood by the mind in isolation. It can only be known at an experiential level.

Knowing “God” requires a deep and intimate connection with the whole of your self.

It demands your attention be turned inward.

Most people struggle with this.

External seeking has turned them blind. The inner eye has become dormant through lack of use. Calcified defences block the way of the heart.

Going in insists we come into contact with everything that we’ve stuffed down and shut away over years of ignorant living.

Suppressed emotion, unreconciled pain, pockets of grief, and long-forgotten desires clamour for attention, demanding expression.

Going in hurts.

It isn’t hard to know “God”, but most people don’t want to experience the pain of breaking their heart open.