Why are we constantly living in the past or future, but never in the moment?

Living in the past and/or future is indicative that Time (past & future) has hijacked your ego and you remain unconscious to its influence.

When you become aware of how you create your reality, you will be able to stop Time in its tracks and awaken to the Present moment.

When you let go of the Past (memories) and detach from the Future (aspirations), all that remains is Presence.

It is the difference between being awake and being asleep.

While asleep, you are unconsciously being dreamt up by Time. You are a character in Time’s dream. Who you think you are is nothing more than a collection of memories and aspirations, none of which belong to you or ever have.

You are the dream product of all those who came before you and all those who come after you.

To awaken from Time’s dream, dismantle your ego.

Without an ego, Time ceases to exist.

Let go of who you think you are and Time’s dream ends.

Outside of Time, there is Eternity.

In Eternity, there is only One enduring moment.