How can spirituality fix my depression?

Your mistake here is in thinking that the “depression” is yours.

It’s not yours and never was.

“Depression” may be occurring, but your ego appears to have adopted it as its own and is now using it to create an identity.

Stop doing this.

Stop claiming something that doesn’t belong to you.

“Depression” may be happening, but so too is its opposite state. Look more closely and you’ll see that “aliveness” is co-occurring.

If you insist on claiming something as yours, you also have to assert its opposite; for one can’t exist without the other.

Problems in life only arise when we identify, label and claim something as our own, rather than simply observing and/or allowing the experiencing of its passing occurrence.

Spirituality exposes ego’s psychotic and clingy tendency towards attachment.

Spirituality will bring you face-to-face with “depression”, but it will also bring you into direct and intimate relationship with “aliveness”.

NOTE: This answer is representative of a spiritual “treatment” and not reflective of a psychological approach.