How many lives does it take to reach enlightenment?

It takes one life and one realisation.

The realisation is, nothing is as real as you think.

It sounds simple.

Because it is.

To wholly realise this truth, all you have to do is stop what you’re presently doing.

Dismantle your belief system and detach from thinking. Become an empty vessel devoid of “doing”.

Non-doing is the pathway to liberation.

Non-doing allows action to arise spontaneously from the heart, instead of from the organ that thinks.

Action that arises out of non-doing is always right action.

If you think this is hard, it will be hard.

If you think it will take many lifetimes, it will take many lifetimes.

If you think it has to be earned through sacrifice, you will suffer.

If you think this is easy, you will stop what you’re doing right now.

If you think enlightenment is your right, you will claim it as yours and nothing will stand in your way.