Is being ok with whatever arises, such as anger, ok?

QUESTION: Is being ok with whatever arises ok? For example, if anger arises and then goes, is that ok? Or should anger not arise if one is enlightened?

Being ok with whatever arises is always ok.

Not being ok with whatever arises is also ok.

Anger arises regardless of one’s state of consciousness.

The only difference is, in an enlightened state of consciousness there is no attachment or clinging to what is. Whether that be to the anger itself, or to one’s resistance to anger.

Either way, there is no judgement or desire for life to be a different way. There is only pure awareness and acceptance of that which is unfolding in the present moment.

Speaking from personal experience, anger still pops in to visit me on occasion, but now, curiosity has replaced my aversion. Rather than reject anger, I invite it in and make a pot of tea.

This always reminds me of Rumi’s poem, The Guest House.