What was your last thought before you awakened?

“I’m dead.”

That was precisely my last thought as what I later came to know as “Kundalini” spontaneously awoke and ripped its way through my system causing me to vomit repeatedly and then stop breathing.

As I stood in my downstairs bathroom unable to fill my lungs, all I knew with every fibre of my being was…

“I’m dead. Game over.”

And then…

Everything fell silent.




A blank slate.

There was no bliss, no fireworks, no bright lights, no stunning realisations, no emotion, no feeling. And no breath.

Just empty nothingness for what seemed an eternity.

And then…

One single thought burst into my awareness…

“If I’m dead, how come I’m still standing?!”

And that was it!

Life spontaneously burst back into view, my lungs filled with air, and everything changed.

Within two months my life unravelled and I plunged into a dark night of the soul for the next 7 years.

“Kundalini” ruthlessly stripped me bare and shred my psyche while simultaneously introducing me to the bliss, the fireworks, the stunning realisations and the omnipotent love.

A wild ride indeed!