What is the difference between psychosis and spiritual awakening?

Psychosis is what happens when the mind turns in on itself and breaks away from external reality.

In a healthy functioning psyche, inner and outer realities are aligned in an interdependent relationship; one informs the other and vice versa.

In a psychotic functioning psyche, the inner and the outer have lost contact. They’ve effectively “broken up” and the inner has blocked the outer.

Without the ‘outer’ to anchor it, the ‘inner’ is lost at sea.

If this misalignment is not corrected and connection restored, psychosis is the result.

Psychosis represents extreme separation of one’s psyche.


A spiritual awakening is the realisation of that which is beyond the mind.

It is the cessation of all mental activity and a (divine) calling to transform one’s psyche.

It is a merging of the inner and outer realities and the realisation of the ultimate truth of one’s existence.

If psychosis is rooted in separation, a spiritual awakening is rooted in unification.